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Tech is part of every modern industry, from finance to energy to hospitality. In the Girls in Tech Podcast, we discuss the ways tech is always evolving across every industry — while helping the world evolve too. Listen in, get inspired, and learn how you can use your skills to create the change you want to see in the world.

Join host Zuzy Martin-Aly, as she explores this evolution through insightful interviews with diverse, experienced professionals who are making a difference.

Jul 19, 2021

Priscilla Hung is President & Chief Operating Officer of Guidewire, a platform that helps property and casualty insurers engage, innovate, and grow. Priscilla is the head of the company’s operations worldwide and oversees product development, venture investments, and enterprise business operations. For over 30 years in the technology industry, Priscilla has served in different leadership positions, including operations, business development, and product marketing in both startups and public companies. Before joining Guidewire in 2005, she worked with companies such as Ariba, Sun Microsystems, and Uniface/Compuware. In addition to her role at Guidewire, Priscilla currently sits on the boards of Vonage and ContractRoom and serves as Board Advisor to Human API and Ethos Life.

Priscilla joins me today to discuss Guidewire’s mission and how they help P&C insurance companies become more agile in serving customers’ needs. She shares her professional journey into her role as Guidewire’s President & Chief Operating Officer and describes how she found herself at the receiving end of unconscious bias several times in her career. She underscores the importance of remaining humble as one rises to the top of a tech company. She also discusses why women need to encourage young girls to become more interested in engineering and computer science careers and highlights how women can shift the conversation on diversity & inclusion in the tech industry.

“We need more women to open the door for other women to join the tech workforce. Help expose young girls to technology and encourage them to get into engineering and science.” - Priscilla Hung

This week on Girls in Tech:

  • Priscilla’s role and responsibilities as President & Chief Operating Officer at Guidewire
  • A brief history of Guidewire and its mission
  • How COVID-19 impacted the P&C insurance industry
  • How technology helps the insurance industry be more agile
  • Why there aren’t many women at the top of the tech industry
  • Encouraging girls and young women to be interested in STEM
  • Embracing and celebrating diversity and equality in the technology sector
  • Confronting unconscious bias and the importance of speaking up against it
  • Becoming an empathetic leader and maintaining a sense of humility at the top of a tech company
  • Shifting culture in a male-dominated industry and helping men understand unconscious bias

Connect with Priscilla Hung:

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